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Roy Schulz Honored

University of Tennessee Space Institute proudly announces a retirement reception in honor of Dr. Roy J. Schulz. Dr. Schulz has dedicated 29 years of service to UTSI in the fields of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Schulz is also recognized for his outstanding work with Arnold Air Force Base. He assisted in the design and evaluation of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) wind tunnel propulsion testing. Dr. Schulz was also responsible for subscale and full-scale model and prototype testing at AEDC facilities.

Also at AEDC, Dr. Schulz helped create a widely used analysis code for aircraft icing simulations. Dr. Schulz has worked on the design, development and operation of both model and full-scale aerospace test and research facilities for gas turbine engines, ramjets, scramjets, and rocket engine propulsion systems.

At UTSI, Dr. Schulz was responsible for the design and development of the high temperature combustion system for the magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) facility at UTSI as well as for part of the heat recovery systems in the exhaust system of the facility. He also helped support several other major research projects at UTSI for the US Department of Energy and for NASA.

The reception honoring Dr. Schulz will be held at the Arnold Lakeside Club on Sept. 2 at 4 p.m. Please RSVP by Aug. 27 to Charlotte Henley, 931-393-7205 or Barbara Birdsong, 931-393-7318.

Dr. Roy Schulz is shown above, third from the right, in a publicity photo shot at UTSI in 1966 just before the building actually opened. Far left shows Dr. Robert Young, one of Schulz’ professors, and Mr. Frank Lewis with the AEDC co-op program is shown at right. At the time, Dr. Schulz was still a student