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Space Institute Welcomes Incoming UT President Joe DiPietro

UTSI’s Industry Student Center was the site for Joe DiPietro first stop on his tour of UT campus visits. He was introduced to the UTSI faculty, staff, students and community by Chancellor Cheek after a warm welcome by UTSI’s Executive Director “Buddy” Moore. Positive vision outlook was the main focus of DiPietro’s opening remarks. He expressed his deep founded interest in the university and plans to continue the work Jan Simek, Interim President, has started. DiPietro is no stranger to the UTSI campus.

On a fairly recent trip to UTSI with a UT Forestry Professor, he became caught up in the briars that thrive in the pine tree area of the beautiful woodland surrounding UTSI. His humorous explanation of circumstances gave the group a chance to help him relive this experience.

The visit concluded with the recognition of Jan Simek and thanks for the support he has provided the university during his tenure as Interim President.

Below are photos of DiPietro speaking with UTSI students and Moore, Simek, DiPietro and Chancellor Cheek.