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Student Life

UTSI Students Participating in Warrior Dash

Student Government Association (SGA) 

SGA is a student organization, including full-time and part-time students, representing the entire student body. All students are encouraged to contact SGA representatives and attend the monthly SGA general body meetings to learn more and get involved.

The responsibilities of the SGA are outlined in the SGA Constitution and Bylaws.

The SGA sponsors various activities throughout the year, some of them through SGA Clubs. For information on a club and their activities check out their web page or contact their president.

The SGA leadership is composed of the Executive Committee (President, Vice-President, and Treasurer) and seven Senators (five departmental senator positions, a senator from any department, and one incoming student senator). Please feel free to contact our officials for any comments or questions.

Executive Committee

SGA Officials 2023-2024

Jamison Murphree

Jamison Murphree


Eric Ramsey

Eric Ramsey

Vice President

Charles Hou Pheng

Charles Pheng


UTSI Clubs

Students at UTSI have a wide variety of interests which forms the basis of our clubs. Whether you like to sail, work out, listen to music, or advance your hobby skills, there will be someone at UTSI that shares your interest. Each club is sponsored by the SGA and receives funds to hold events and activities. The UTSI campus enjoys a very special location on the Woods Reservoir and provides its students with the ability to perform all kind of recreational and sports activities.

All students are welcome to attend any of the events/meetings held by each club. For more information about a club, feel free to contact the club president or vice-president with your questions.

The Astronomy Club sponsors and maintains the astronomy equipment for the student body. Equipment includes 8-inch and 14-inch Celestron telescopes along with astrophotography equipment. The club goes out regularly (as weather permits) to observe and photograph the wonders of our universe. Whether you are new to astronomy or a seasoned veteran, the Astronomy Club seeks to provide an opportunity for students to connect and observe our universe.

The Astronomy Club sponsors and The Boat Club sponsors and maintains all the water recreation equipment for the student body. As UTSI is located on the beautiful Woods Reservoir in Tullahoma, TN, lots of fun is to be had on the water. The campus has its own floating dock and boat house where the Boat Club equipment is stored: kayaks, wind surfboards, sailboats, canoe, personal flotation devices (PFD), inner tubes, paddles, etc. To become a member of the boat club, sign and return the membership form to the vice-president, which gains you permission to obtain a key to the boathouse. Guest forms are available to members upon request. We ask that you always observe safety regulations when on the water.

The Fabrication Club, in partnership with the Research Support Staff, maintains and oversees a community workshop space, “The Space,” for the use of all students, faculty, and staff. In addition, the club hosts weekly meetings to learn new skills, work on group projects, and maintain equipment. Membership requires safety training as well as a membership & safety agreement.

The Game Club seeks to provide a fun environment for tabletop and video gameplay. We have a vast collection of over 100 board and card games ranging from the classics, such as “Yahtzee!”, to intense strategy games, such as “Eclipse”. The Game Club also uses the SGA’s Wii, PlayStations 3 & 4, and X-Box 360 capabilities. Join us for a game night every Tuesday at 7 pm in the gaming area above the cafeteria.

The Running Club seeks to promote running, walking, and general fitness as lifelong endeavors through weekly walks and group runs, hikes, and races. The Running Club hosts two on-campus races: the One-Mile Fun Run every fall semester as part of the UTSI Fall Picnic and a Poker Run in the spring. The club also sponsors two local, off campus races during the academic year; traditionally 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-marathons. Such races may be the Color Run, Warrior Dash, Tom King Classic, Turkey Trots, and more!

Student Handbook

See the Student Handbook for a helpful, comprehensive guide to student life at UT, complete with tips for getting around town, traveling, adjusting to campus life, including a special section for international students.

Student Health Insurance Information

The graduate school provides health insurance for full-time students that are graduate research assistants (GRAs) as part of their stipend/tuition waiver. This insurance is also available for non-GRAs to purchase. Please see the links below for some helpful information about local doctors in our medical group and a summary of what the plan we are given (Choice Plus) offers.