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Student Orientation Notes


  • Copyright infringement (illegal downloads.)
  • Cracking – Unauthorized access of UTSI Resources
  • Scanning UTSI Network
  • Promulgating/Instigating Virii/Trojans/Adware
  • Downloading (or offering for download) copyrighted materials
  • Shared drives – especially unprotected

The Big Do

  • Read the University of Tennessee Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Updates (OS & Software Security Updates should be applied regularly.
    (Ex. – IE Explorer -> Tools -> Windows Update)
  • Have an up to date Anti-Virus Program –
    Currently, Faculty and Staff use MS Forefront – Students are encouraged to use the free version of Microsoft Defender.

What We Do For You

  • Email account – 8 GB quota with warning at 7.5 GB
    An alternative is to sign up for a VolMail account at UTK and have your UTSI account forwarded there.
  •  Library Lab access – login info is posted in the lab area. Let us know if there’s software you need (for work – within reason)
  • Laptop, projector, and digital camera can be checked out from Computer Services for student use. (Use the form on the Service Requests page to reserve equipment.)
  • Assist troubleshooting problems with your personal computer equipment. Free, but no guarantees.

Explanation of User Accounts

  • NetID – This is a Knoxville (UT) based account. All faculty, Staff, and Students have a NetID account. It is used to register for classes, access Blackboard, library journals – most anything associated with Knoxville based resources. You also have an email account associated with NetID ( More information about VolMail.
  • UTSI Account – Used to access UTSI email and login to Windows domain PCs. Please request your UTSI account information.