The 2018 Coffee County Leadership Members Toured UTSI

Tullahoma, TN – The Coffee County Leadership members toured the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) facilities on June 20.  The leadership group is a community program designed by concerned citizens to improve the community as a whole.  The program promotes training and education to Coffee County residents in leadership; encouraging involvement in public affairs in the local area and establish communication among community leaders.  The program lasts nine months a year, each session carefully designed to present a wide range of opinions and perspectives to encourage discussions through lectures, presentations, tours, and a variety of group activities.  The goal is to open the minds of each participant surrounding each issue to resolve them and become better leaders in the community.

The group learning about the Vacuum Chamber from Mr. Joel Davenport; Director of Research Facilities at UTSI.

The group is shown here in the Mach 4 TALon Building learning about hypersonics from Dr. John Schmisseur; H.H. Arnold Chair

 Photos taken by Meghan Morris