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UT Vice Presidents Visit

Dr. David Millhorn, UT Executive Vice President, Dr. Thomas Zacharia, UT Vice President for Science and Technology, and Dr. Dan Stewart, UT Associate Vice President for Research, paid a visit to UTSI this week. Dr. Don Daniel, UT Associate Vice President for UTSI, (above left) and Dr. Angie Bukley, UTSI’s Assistant Vice President for Research, (above right) updated Drs. Millhorn (center left), Zacharia (center right) and Stewart on UTSI’s current research efforts. Drs. Zacharia and Stewart (below center left) also toured UTSI’s Center for Laser Applications (CLA) and Carbon Fiber Lab. Shown below CLA Director Dr. William Hofmeister (right) explains a little about the laser experiment that CLA Post Doctoral Researcher Brian Canfield is setting up.

— UTSI Photos