UTSI Annual Service Awards

Tullahoma, TN – The University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) held its Annual Service Awards Program on May 23rd to recognize faculty and staff for years of service at UTSI and accomplishments throughout the year.   Dr. Whorton, Executive Director and Patricia Burks–Jelks, Human Resource Director, were moderators for the program and expressed how special it is to have such a “close family” in the workplace. 

There were sixteen employee/faculty members recognized for years of service at UTSI. Serving five years; Dr. Steve Brooks, Jonathan Kolwyck, Jeff Marsh, and Dr. Andrew Yu.  Serving ten years; Tonya Battles, Dana Hale, Natallia Kaptur, and Jack LeGeune.  Serving fifteen years was Larry Ledford.  Serving twenty years was Rebecca Layman.  Serving thirty years; Brenda Brooks, Clara Ferguson, Patricia Burks–Jelks, Dr. Peter Solies, and Carole Thomas.  Last, but not least, at forty years was Joe Hane. 

There were other recognitions made to faculty, staff and students.  The Employee Relations Committee was recognized with members:  Tamara Bonner-Thompson, Meghan Morris, Nick VanZandbergen, Doug Warnberg, Patricia Burks-Jelks as Chair, and Courtney Maricle-Frazier as Recorder.  The SGA President, Kate Stamper was given a plaque for her service.  Dr. Andrew Yu was given a plaque for his service as Faculty Assembly President.  Lara Lash and Evan Stevens were recognized for service as Resident Assistant and Assistant RA.  There were several peer recognitions submitted by employees that highlighted awards received throughout the year, special events hosted, and recognition that make an individual or department stand out. 






Pictured L to R: Brenda Brooks, Jack LeGeune, Carole Thomas, Dana Hale, Dr. Peter Solies, Natallia Kaptur, Jeff Marsh, Clara Ferguson, Joe Hane, Rebecca Layman, Tonya Battles, Larry Ledford, Patricia Burks – Jelks, and Jonathan Kolwyck.

Photo taken by Laura Horton