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UTSI at Sewanee Friday School

University of Tennessee Space Institute Graduate Research Assistants Jason King, Justin Crawford, and Yue Li are shown above left to right at Sewanee Elementary’s Friday School. UTSI GRA’s James Germann and Will Robinson joined King, Crawford and Li in performing several science experiments on the final Friday, including those shown using liquid nitrogen. These UTSI students are just a few of the several graduate students and research associates that participated in this year’s SES Friday School session. SES students shown above left to right are Landon Courtney, Peter Sommerschield, Jim Kershner, Fields Ford (back), Ethan Evans, William Gilchrist and Zachary Taylor. Shown at right are SES students Landon Courtney, Zachary Taylor and Robert Yates with UTSI’s Jason King.–UTSI Photos