Employment at UT

Employees are the University of Tennessee’s greatest asset and are critical to its ability to achieve success in classrooms, communities, and offices across the state. The University is committed to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest faculty and staff and strives to be an employer of choice by focusing on employee needs and seeking feedback at every opportunity. Whether you are a current employee looking to make a change or are considering a career at the University for the first time, you are encouraged to explore the openings and find your own place in the UT Space Institute family.

As of January 18, 2012, applicants for staff positions must apply online. Paper applications are not accepted. At this time, the online applicant system does not allow applications to be submitted by Smartphones (i.e. i-phone, Droid, etc). Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 9, you may have difficulty viewing the website. If so, while in Internet Explorer 9, go to Tools drop-down menu, and select Compatibility View.

For individuals interested in applying for faculty positions, a listing of the positions currently available at UTSI can be found here (https://www.utsi.edu/index.php/utsi-faculty-openings/ ). The application process for faculty positions currently is not a part of the online application system but plans are in the works to add them soon.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the UTSI HR office at 931-393-7226 or 931-393-7504.