UTSI Fiber Forms and Composites

The processing can be adjusted to produce carbon fibers with different fiber morphologies, such as round or hollow dominative cross-sections. Carbon fibers have also been made in roving-like forms which can be fabricated into other products including nearly directional continuous carbon fiber mat, chopped carbon fiber mat, carbon fiber rope, webbing and cloth.
Continuous carbon fibers can be aligned with a relatively high degree of orientation for use in fabrication of composites. Chopped fibers are cut to 0.5-0.1 inch fiber length from the continuous fibers. Fiber ropes or tows are made by winding a bundle of carbon fiber. Fiber paper/mat are made by using a polymer binder.

Carbon Fiber Forms

Carbon Fiber Rope

Carbon Fiber Mat

Carbon Fiber Composites

Carbon Fiber / Epoxy Composite

Carbon Fiber Rebar Samples