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UTSI receives NASA Flight Simulator as a Donation

The University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) recently acquired an Ice Contamination Effects Flight Training Device (ICEFTD) from NASA Glenn and Tom Ratvasky in Cleveland, OH.  The flight simulator was developed by NASA for flight training and provides a unique opportunity for attendees to experience and understand important flight characteristics related to icing induced aircraft stall, handling, and performance problems.  The simulator is used to train pilots, test pilots, flight test engineers, military pilots, and engineering personnel who are involved in the development, aerodynamic analysis, and certification of flight testing. 

A five-day short course was held at UTSI the week of August 26th using the Icing simulator.  The data provided aerodynamic force and moment coefficients out to extreme angles of attack and sideslip. The result is that this simulator can provide representative post-stall departure and recovery characteristics. Additionally, it can also replicate the tail stall upset condition, with representative control forces and aircraft dynamics. The simulator database was also augmented and verified with flight test data from the full-scale aircraft. Experienced instructors, guide the trainee through various scenarios, which are carefully structured to allow them to experience the cues, aircraft dynamics, and realistic control system feedback due to various ice formations. This capability allows the training pilot or flight test engineer to develop situational awareness of the cues that precede a “handling event” and to practice flight control techniques to mitigate loss of control events. It is the highest icing fidelity simulator in the world and UTSI is the only facility in the world with a simulator of this stature. 

This course has been taught over ten times since 2004 by Ranaudo and Borja Martos. Trainees include over 200 engineers and pilots from industry, government, and academia.  Customers include Boeing, Embraer, Gulfstream, Cessna, Raytheon, FAA, USAF, ARMY, and many others.  The POC for UTSI short courses is Becky Stines 931-393-7276 and the POC for the ICEFTD is Borja Martos 931-247-7457.

Ice Contamination Effects Flight Training Device (ICEFTD)