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UTSI Service Award Recipients Honored

UT Space Institute employees with five to forty years of service were recognized last week at the Institute’s Service Awards Luncheon. Sixteen employees were honored for their continued contributions and loyalty to the University of Tennessee. James Simonton, UTSI Interim Executive Director, recognized each recipient and presented them with gifts from the Institute.

Among last week’s honorees were Associate Professor Feng Yuan Zhang of Tullahoma recognized for 5 years of service. The 10 year recipients were Research Assistant Professor Lino Costa of Murfreesboro and Joel Davenport of Tullahoma. Fifteen year awardees were: Christopher S. Armstrong and Kate Lansford of Manchester; Roger A. Bass of Winchester; Research Professor William Hofmeister of Nashville; Robin J. Nee of Normandy; and Penny Oliver of Belvidere. Twenty-five years of service went to Pamela S. Ledford and Dee Merriman of Tullahoma. Receiving 30 year awards were Professor Lloyd M. Davis of Tullahoma and Robert P. Rhodes of Estill Springs. Susan R. Murphy of Manchester received an award for 35 years of service. In recognition for 40 years of service were Diane Chellstorp of Tullahoma and Gary C. Payne of Decherd.

Simonton recognized Christian Parigger for his service as president of the Faculty Assembly, and Stuart Steen as the President of the Student Government Association. E. Lara Lash was recognized as the Resident Assistant and Adam Evans as the Assistant Resident Assistant for the dormitories.

Closing this year’s luncheon was Ms. Patricia Burks-Jelks, Director for Human Resources, who acknowledged the service provided by the members of the Employee Relations Committee (ERC). The 2016 ERC Committee members recognized were: Clara Ferguson, Kathlene Franklin, Paula Morris and Susan Murphy. A special announcement noting Ms. Betty Bright’s retirement after 37 years of service on June 30, 2016 was made.

L-R Roger Bass, Gary Payne, Lloyd Davis, Robert Rhodes, , Kathleen Lansford, Pam Ledford, Susie Murphy, Feng Yuan Zhang, Robin Nee, Diane Chellstorp, Dee Merriman, Joel Davenport, Penny Oliver and Lino Costa.
Photographer Laura Horton.