UTSI Spin Lab Supporters

Listed below are some of the distinguished supporters of the carbon fiber program at UTSI

Congressman Lincoln Davis

Dr. Joel W. Muehlhauser takes a look at the spin process as Peter Sherrouse, left, of Manchester, and Joel Davenport of Tullahoma discuss work in the carbon fiber lab at UTSI.

Dr. Joel W. Muehlhauser and Joel Davenport, left, watch Dan Rossillon and Dr. Ahmad Vakili, kneeling, examine newly spun fibers from UTSI’s Lab Scale Spinning equipment while on the right, Dr. John Caruthers and Peter Sherrouse check other pieces of fiber.

Dr. John Petersen, UT President, left, and Dr. Ed Kraft, AEDC chief scientist, center in UTSI spin lab.

Dr. Ahmad Vakili, assisted by Jim Goodman, left, shows carbon fiber spun from pitch in UTSI’s spin lab to Garrett Harper and Donna Mattick, right, from Greater Nashville Chamber of Commerce during their recent visit to the UT Space Institute.

Col. John Wissler, (center), listens to Dr. Ahmad Vakili as he explains some of the work being done with wind tunnels and water tunnels at UTSI. UT Associate Vice President And Chief Operating Officer Dr. Donald Daniel is shown at left.