UTSI Students Dominate AIAA Student Conference

UTSI Students Dominate AIAA Student Conference

Tullahoma, TN – The 69th Annual AIAA Southeastern Regional Student Conference was held in Mobile, Alabama April 4 – 6, 2018.  The University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) had three master students to compete in the Master’s Technical Paper Competition.  Judging was based on written paper technical content and clarity of individual presentations.  Winners were awarded cash prizes.  The conference also provided a venue for networking on topics in aerospace engineering.  UTSI’s Matthew Schwartz, majoring in aerospace engineering, won first place with his paper entitled, “Characterization of Near-Muzzle Ballistic Flowfields using High-Speed Shadowgraphy.”  Matthew is advised by Dr. Trevor Moeller; Associate Professor in the MABE Department.  Alicia Ratcliffe, majoring in mechanical engineering, won third place with her paper entitled, “Multi-Objective Design of a Lightweight Towed Body.”  Alicia is advised by Dr. John Schmisseur, a Professor in the MABE Department.

For additional information on the conference and photos, visit the website https://region2.aiaastudentconference.org/



L to R: Dr. Larry DeLucas; Principal Scientist of Aerospace Coperation, Matthew Schwartz, and Dr. Daniel L. Dumbacher; Executive Director of AIAA


L to R: Dr. DeLucas; Principal Scientists of Aerospace Coperation, Alicia Ratcliffe, and Dr. Dumbacher; Executive Director of AIAA

Photos taken by: Gordon Allen Lowrey