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UTSI’s Palies Makes Stanford List of Top 2 Percent Cited in World

Paul Palies

For faculty and researchers, having your work cited by others brings validation of your work on both on its own right and as a building block of your field, not to mention a bit of prestige as well.

Stanford University creates annual- and career-long lists of the world’s most cited researchers by compiling data to come up with a composite score that takes into account the wide variety of citations, such as whether the person was sole author or one of many, for example. They then list faculty by that score, with the result being a ranking of the top 2 percent of cited researchers from around the world.

UTSI Associate Professor Paul Palies, of the Combustion and Propulsion for Aviation Research Center (C-PARC) made the list with a score of 2.2266, the only faculty member at the institution to do so.

“These rankings highlight both the high impact work that our tremendous faculty and students are doing in our research programs,” said Dean Matthew Mench, the Wayne T. Davis Dean’s Chair of the college. “Citations of our research activity from others is an important measure of the level of innovation and discovery we are driving through our research programs. These rankings are one measure of the leadership that the Tickle College of Engineering demonstrates in various engineering disciplines ”

A full release on the rankings and a complete list of all 73 Tickle College of Engineering faculty members to make it can be found here.