Why Distance Ed?

The obvious and most cited answer is the convenience for the working professional in completing a degree. As a UTSI Distance Education student with access to the internet, you can complete an engineering related Master of Science degree anytime, anywhere. There was a time when taking distance education course meant little more than watching a video and taking an exam. Not so with the programs at UTSI.

You have the choice of taking all your coursework in a variety of delivery systems. You can watch the course live at a distance site classroom located throughout the state. You can also interact with the instructor and other students at the office or at home, if you have the right equipment.

If you are on travel or the class time does not fit your schedule then you still have several options. You can access the streaming video of the live recording when your schedule permits and even download it to your equipment for later viewing. You can even mix and match these delivery modes to best fit your busy schedule.

Just because you can’t attend a live session doesn’t mean you miss interaction with the faculty or fellow students. All classes are supported by Online@UT (Canvas) which allows chat sessions, blogs, email and threaded discussions throughout the semester.

UTSI has leveraged the use of on-line resources to support distance education classes. This has sometimes surpassed the available reference material for traditional classroom courses. On-line journal articles and other references are a mouse click away. Since live classroom is recorded and stored on our dedicated servers you have the ability to review any given session when you need it.

UTSI Distance Education also provides you with a wider selection of courses and faculty located throughout the University of Tennessee system. Are you interested in taking an on-line class conducted on another campus or by another faculty of the UT system? Consult with your program advisor and many times a distance education class can be arranged and transferred as credit toward your degree.

Of course, you always have the opportunity to take classes in a traditional classroom on the beautiful resort like setting at UTSI. There’s nothing like contemplating a new engineering design or technology transfer scheme while watching the sailboats drift idly by on our lakefront.

UTSI/UTK Distance Education
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